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Impex HighTech GmbH offers a complete range of laser systems from q-switched high energy to very stable single frequency continuous wave diode pumped solid state laser at different wavelength. We can offer custom specific parameters depending on the integrated bonded crystal. The adhesive free diffusion bonding is highly reliable and causes very low intra cavity losses at the bonding interface. Therefore these laser are highly reliable and sought after in industry and research.

By designing these lasers, the low cost, compactness, resistance against mechanical stress and flexibility of the laser was our major concern. Where high pulse intensities are needed, especially for mobile applications in different fields. For example in Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS), marking, micro machining, photonic crystal fiber pumping (super continuum generation), Lidar, range finding and as seeding master oscillator for high power solide state lasers.



Imex laser ELM1064
Laser Impex ELM532
Laser Impex ERB15
Laser module LD-SMART
@ laser diode
Laser diode