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Impex HighTech GmbH is a German company with production facility in Armenia. Impex HighTech offers you a wide range of products in the fields of optics, crystals and lasers. The core business of the company is the cutting, grinding and processing of sapphire material for domes, high pressure sapphire tubes, high temperature windows, precision sapphire windows, optical sapphire windows and other optics made from this unique material.

Additionally Impex HighTech manufactures lenses, prisms, substrates, UV mirrors, windows, IR optics, polarizers and beam splitters made from flourides, IR materials, different glasses and undoped garnets.

Part of the company is concerned with the development and production of highly reliable lasers. We offer quick-pulse lasers for niche markets and special extremely quick-pulsed 3 µm lasers for medical and scientific purposes.


Since April 01, 2020, Alexander Weber became additional managing director of Impex HighTech GmbH and leads the company together with the experienced, long-standing managing director and CEO Dr. Helene Dyck.

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Impex HighTech GmbH

Mendelstrasse 11
48149 Muenster, Deutschland

Phone +49 (0) 251 / 2979 - 820
Fax +49 (0) 251 / 2979 - 822

E-mail: sales(at)